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"The Love Transfer" is a 5-song EP that captures a journey of reflection, healing, and transformation. Through this musical memoir, one can experience God's profound love through Christ, which empowers us to love others as intended. These lessons in forgiveness and unconditional love have the potential to completely transform ones life. Experience this love through 5 songs that were created with the intention of bringing more healing, joy, peace, and love to the life of the listener.

There's no fixed price for love; "The Love Transfer" is available with a love offering of your choice. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for embracing God's love and supporting this project.

Jimmy Sol's Story

"For many, Valentine's Day can evoke feelings of loneliness and sadness. Surprisingly, on this Hallmark holiday, many find themselves without a romantic partner to celebrate love with. For me, Valentine's Day used to be a painful reminder, stemming from the loss of my father, Jimmy, when I was just 7 years old. However, for the past 20 years, it hasn't been as difficult because I've had the joy of celebrating it with someone I deeply love – my wife, Tina, whose birthday conveniently falls the very next day. Thus, Valentine's week became a period of redemption for me.

This Valentine's Day, however, marks the first time in 20 years that I'll be without my wife. Sadly, I don't anticipate celebrating her 40th birthday with her either, as we've been separated since June, and our communication has been limited to courtroom interactions since I left our apartment. While this thought saddens me, I'm surprisingly excited about the upcoming Valentine's week because I have something truly remarkable to share with you.

"The Love Transfer" is a 5-song EP that emerged during the most transformative season of my life. During this time, I not only came to understand the depth of God's love for me through Christ, but I also discovered my capacity to love others as God intended. I've learned invaluable lessons about forgiveness and unconditional love, which have revolutionized my approach to life. I've transitioned from seeking validation from the world to finding fulfillment in giving the love I've received from God to others.

My 5-song EP, 'The Love Transfer,' encapsulates this journey of reflection, healing, and transformation. Through this musical memoir, I aim to transfer the love I've discovered to you, and I pray that these songs and conversations contribute to your healing, joy, peace, and love.

There's no fixed price for love; therefore, "The Love Transfer" is available for purchase with a love offering of your choice. I've entrusted the power to you to determine how much it is worth to you. Thanks in advance for your offering of love and your support of this project."

- Jimmy Sol

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